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Why use me?

I give you access to the widest range of mortgage products. The high volume of transactions generated with more than 20 financial institutions gives me bargaining power to get you the best rates at the best conditions.

Expert advice customized to fit your needs

As a mortgage broker I am knowledgeable of the market trends, trained to identify your needs and respond quickly with a solution. No waste of time, no bad surprises! I are connected directly to my lenders through a centralized computer database and am updated immediately on current promotions. My personal service is sure to please you as I always have your best interest in mind. I can help you with your mortgage pre-authorization, purchase, refinancing and renewal.

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Why are my services free of charge?

My services and recommendations are totally FREE on a standard residential mortgage. It is the financial institution that pays a finder’s fee for every mortgage loan concluded in exchange for the work performed. Please note that the financial institutions actually bear the cost of these fees. As such, there are no hidden fees to the consumer.

I work for you!

Because I partner with an array of more than 20 banks and lenders in Québec, I can obtain the best mortgage rates for you. Since Multi-Prets generates a high volume of transactions with different lenders, I consequently obtain rate rebates from which you benefit directly.

How should you proceed?

Start by contacting me. You can chose to meet me in person after scheduling an appointment, by phone or online. I am available 7 days a week and will gladly meet you at the time and place that is convenient to you. Or if your schedule is tight we can handle everything by phone, fax and e-mail.

I will then assemble the necessary information from you to apply for a mortgage.

My next step will be to research the best available mortgage product that fits your personal financial profile and needs, considering all available lenders.

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I am proud to offer my clients a wide range of attractive mortgage products. I am the one stop shop for mortgage products.

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